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Change your life for the better - and FOREVER!

You want to:

- create a life full of joy and happiness

- create abundance

- clear blocks that are holding you back

- heal your life

- change your beliefs

- find purpose for your life

- understand why things are happening the way they do

- release Karma

- break through the repeating cycle of misfortune

- heal your body intuitively through alternative healing methods

- experience Past Life Regression

- talk to your angels and guardians

- talk to people that moved on

- heal and understand relationships

- eliminate stress

- loose weight

- stop smoking

- birth naturally and in peace

- live without depression

- release fears, phobias and anxiety

- forgive others

- love yourself

then this is the right time and place to come to us.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 587-580-5856

For detailed information about Theta Healing® please visit Theta Healing Canada.

For detailed information on natural birth and Hypnobirthing® please visit Planet Birth


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23th - 25th September 2016

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